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10 September 2011 @ 11:53 pm
Fall Fashion Week 2011 Outfit Day 2  
Angel FAFW2001 - Classic

I really wanted to get into the Project Runway show but we had kind of a crazy. By "we" I mean me and my new house guest, Mads. He's staying with me for the weekend. I know it sounds a little crazy after everything that's happened but it makes sense in a way. We're both feeling threatened by the opposite's... I don't know. Ferals? I'm terrified of Victor crashing through my door and Logan has literally crashed through his. Neither of us feel safe but we're both psuedo-sure that our presence would stop a possible attack. So it makes sense that we stick this out together. At least temporarily.

So the only shows I made it to today were Rebecca Taylor, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nicole Miller. I was a little sad to see everything going to sporty. I love all the old fashioned girlie stuff going on now. Full and maxi skirts, sweater sets, and pearls. I'm even embracing the nude nail colors with the funky twists on a french tip. Though I won't lie. It will be nice to go back to tennis shoes after all these super high pumps and peep toes.
Current Music: A Man's World - James Brown